"You told me once,
that you loved me.
You kissed me with passion,
you held my hand,
and you told me I was beautiful.
I believed you.
But when I swallowed an ocean
of sadness,
and tried to release it
by tearing my skin open
and letting it all out,
you looked the other way.
How could you do that?"
- you never really loved me, did you?

sad depressed self harm

missimperfectxx asked:

Hope you're alright :(

Breathe. Answer:

I’m not really. But thank you so much Xx


Rape jokes aren’t funny
Suicide jokes aren’t funny
Self harm jokes aren’t funny
Mental illness jokes aren’t funny
Eating disorder jokes aren’t funny


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"I tried to be good at something
But I ended up being a nothing
I was smiling
Even though I felt like crying
I felt so alone
Like I was in this all on my own
I could only hurt myself
Because there felt like nothing else
I was lying and lying
No one knew what I was hiding
I wanted to die
And no one knew why
I’ll just go to bed
And hope I wake up dead"
- (Boys-And-Suicide)

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"Somewhere along the way, I lost my passion, my excitement, for life. I wonder if this is what they meant by “growing up."
- (211/365) by (DS)

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This is it. All of them. Every scar and every cut. Some old, some new, some very new, some hardly even noticeable. And all of them mean something. Sometimes I think they make me weak, other times I think they show strength. Either way, I would not be the person I am if they weren’t there.

cuts scars self harm depression trigger warning